At work, I currently lead the W.C. Bradley team in Magento 2 full-stack development.

Outside of work, I am testing out the new Nuxt JS 3 Beta (link opens in a new window) by rebuilding this site. There are still a few sharp edges that I will be blogging about in more detail, but on the whole, having a NextJS alternative in Vue is a fantastic developer experience. I previously built this site in both React's NextJS and Gatsby, but I've always enjoyed Vue's separation of templating, JavaScript and CSS versus React's JSX and CSS-in-JS approaches.

In addition to using my personal site as a technology playground, I'm furthering my knowledge of the Magento 2 ecosystem by building out a Product Quiz (link opens in a new window) module in Magento 2. This exercise has taught me a lot that I'll likely expound upon in a future blog post:

  • The intricacies of Knockout JS's ViewModel with regards to Magento 2
  • jsLayout in Magento 2's layout XML versus how it can be declared in blocks
  • Extending product conditions in the Magento 2 admin
  • Adding product grids in the Magento 2 admin