Originally written on January 30, 2020


I'm currently working as a Senior Magento Web Developer in Columbus. Over the course of the day, we build out enhancements to our existing Magento 1 and 2 sites (both front- and back-end). This year we are migrating our last properties from Magento 1 to Magento 2, which I am very excited about.


At home, I'm building a SaaS app that allows users to easily manage lead capture for their static site-based form. I'm building this using Laravel, Vue, Tailwind CSS and Inertia JS while utilizing Test-Driven Development from inception to completion. While I would be over the moon if people use this service, the application is primarily a testament to the skills I've learned over the last four years of development—an in-production, subscription-based application that showcases database design, architecture, object-oriented programming concepts, outside-in testing, and general front- and back-end development prowess.


Focusing on increasing my fitness is taking up most of my time outside of work lately. I recently started swimming, and I really enjoy it—much more so than jogging, though it isn't as convenient. I am also focused on my nutrition and weightlifting in an attempt to get back to my pre-marriage weight 😅.


I'm currently reading Ninth House.