I'm Daniel Strunk, a certified Magento 1 developer who loves building applications in Laravel and VueJS.

I currently work at WC Bradley as a full-stack Magento developer focused on supporting our existing brands. At the moment I'm involved in migrating existing sites from Magento 1 to Magento 2, as well as supporting our ExpressionEngine 4 sites.

I ❤️ talking about development, TDD, workflows, and evangelizing Vim. On the topic of coding, I work best in Laravel and PHP. I'm currently working on a long-term Laravel project that I hope to push out the door within the next year or so, then I'll be checking into Elixir to get some functional programming know-how under my belt. I'm getting over my fear of JavaScript using VueJS, and I consider myself very proficient in CSS/Sass/LESS.