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I’m learning Emacs. There, I said it. After being a Vim user for about a year and a half, I’m going to try out the dark side. Here are some of the resources I am using to get my editor setup so it’s not so much “oh my god I don’t know how to exit out of this program” and more “okay, evil mode will save me if I get too in the deep end, but I’m giving this a shot”.


* I’ve been a pretty heavy Vim user for the last year and a half or so. Using Vim and Tmux (or a similar terminal multiplexer, e.g. screen), it’s possible to achieve a very fast workflow with a good testing feedback loop necessary for TDD. By working alongside the videos provided by the good folks over at Upcase, my editor has become home, a place where I feel comfortable making changes and seeing my results near-instantly. Check Upcase out today to level up your TDD, Vim, Git and Rails skills.

** The Vim and Emacs camps are largely divided on which is the best editor. Vim users joke that Emacs is a great operating system, lacking only a decent editor. Emacs users jest that Vim has two modes: “beep repetedly” and “break everything”. As two of the oldest continuously updated programs, it’s understandable why each editor has its zealots.

*** This post was written in Vim. Whoops, maybe next time :)

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