Daniel Strunk

Autopost from Jekyll to Twitter

Automatically tweeting after posting a new blog entry with Jekyll doesn’t need to require complicated development scenarios full of git post-commit hooks, API keys or registering apps with Twitter. It might feel a little low-tech, but all you need is IFTTT and some knowhow.

First, get a link to your RSS feed. If you don’t have RSS set up for your Jekyll instance, you can grab a sample from snaptortoise/jekyll-rss-feeds. Next, sign up for IFTTT and create a new recipe. You’ll need to link your Twitter account as an action for the recipe, and you should have default values to add the title and the URL of the post. Activate the channel, and your good to go on that front.

Now, when you post an article to Jekyll, a few moments later the RSS feed should be picked up via IFTTT and your post will kick off on Twitter.