Daniel Strunk

The end of my GitHub streak

Nothing much code-wise this week, except … RIP my GitHub streak. When I started this Rails journey, I made a personal commitment to tackle a full 365 days of developing, using GitHub’s contribution graph to track my progress. Well, while I did work on some projects last night, I either forgot to push my progress or didn’t merge a branch. Whatever the reason, my streak is caput, and I’ll be starting over at 0 today: RIP in peace, GitHub streak Oh man, it hurts. My OCD almost can’t handle it. I’ll get over it, though. This is just the thing needed to rededicate myself to Rails, I suppose—if I’m being completely honest, after the first two months I was pretty much bouncing around on projects and treading water. And it’s by no means the end—just another opportunity to start over. Keep an eye out on this blog next week—I’ll be writing about something I’ve been working out for the last week; namely, form objects in Rails.