Daniel Strunk

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! I realize I missed my update last Friday, and with only a partially good reason: I’m swamped! Day work has been particularly taxing these last couple of weeks, but you’ll note that I’ve still found time to work after hours as evidenced by an ever-growing GitHub contribution streak. Sleep is for the uninspired :) Despite a busy work load, time marches on in Rails land. I recently picked up Agile Web Development with Rails 4 and began working through it. I’d recommend this book before picking up similar popular books like The Rails Tutorial. It not only teaches best practices for Rails development, but also teaches Agile development—something that will help manage development in the face of an ever evolving set of use cases and help control client expectations. Because what good is a developer if they can’t talk to their client and parse their idea into an application? I’m looking to finish my image to ascii art converter within the next week; after that, refactoring, and perhaps extracting the code into a gem? That’s the plan, at least.