A full month of coding

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Today marks a full month of working with Ruby and / or Ruby on Rails! Crazy how time flies. At moments I feel like I haven’t learned anything … then a question comes along and I find I’m able to explain the concept of polymorphism to a fellow Rails traveler. Then I feel a bit better :) It feels good to quantify your work. For me that means looking at my github profile, where I’ve racked up 30 continuous days of commits. I’m hoping to continue that streak far into the future.* This week I’ve been focusing more on alternative frameworks and the Ruby language in general. I started development of a blog / portfolio-type deal hosted on Github Pages in Jekyll, a Ruby static site generator. Github Pages handles most (all) of the heavy lifting in Jekyll on their end, but I had to set up a similar environment on my local server for development purposes. I’ve been plugging away on The Well-Grounded Rubyist; not too many in-depth programs so far there, but it’s nice to see the inner workings of Ruby that make the “magic” of Rails possible. *There are no previous commits in my history because of a mistake I made in transferring ownership of my account to a new email address. C’est la vie! In a way it was liberating to start fresh again …

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