Daniel Strunk

The labs are now open!


I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but not without just cause. I’ve been working hard on the labs section of my site, learning some new technologies and experimenting with fun APIs. The labs are a place where I’ll put all of my “portfolio-y” front-end development things; interesting projects such as API mashups, fun with mustacheJS and other front-end templating libraries, JSON and Ajax miscellany and CSS3 experimental features. The first experiment is on the site itself: instead of building a typical WordPress site, I went ahead and created a BackboneJS WordPress “application” using the WordPress JSON API plugin, BackboneJS, lodash and requireJS. Note that the labs were created as an experimental testing ground for me—a modern web browser is expected. I invite all of you to check it out at labs.dstrunk.com and let me know what you think on twitter @dstrunk!