Daniel Strunk

Summer site revamp

Welcome to the new dstrunk.com! In an attempt to get rid of the cruft, the site was redesigned from the ground up. All extraneous information (which was most of the previous site) has been removed. This current site’s focus is on readability, navigability, and upgradability. Some quick notes:

  • I realized I was cannibalizing site views between my blog subdomain and main site, so I decided to get rid of the subdomain altogether.
  • I will be developing a “labs” subdomain that will house all of my CSS and JavaScript experiments. I’m not worried about cannibalization of views for this site, as the labs will be a fun little testing ground / sandbox for things that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day.
  • The new site utilizes barebones responsive web design instead of a needlessly complex CSS grid framework.

Look for new features often; this is an iterative development cycle that will enjoy continual progress in the form of featured work, nice image handling for posts, and perhaps a free WordPress theme? ;)