Daniel Strunk

Metal Monday: Norma Jean

I’ve decided to start Metal Monday: a weekly series of posts dedicated to metal. If you aren’t a fan of metal, ignore this. Today’s band is Norma Jean. Norma Jean (or the Normal Jeans as my friends refer to them) are a metalcore band hailing from Atlanta, GA. I got into these guys when I was in high school, and in the 9 years since, they’ve yet to disappoint me. Just down home southern noise metal at its finest. Their sound has evolved from br00tal breakdowns into more atmospheric and textured metal (though they still have more breakdowns than a Kia). Some might argue that they lifted their sound from bands such as Botch, but who cares? It’s good music. And the members of Botch are off doing their own more successful ventures, so I’m sure they don’t care either. The video below is awesome for a couple of reasons … I’ll let it speak for itself though: